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WebSpace… the Final Frontier.

Female Sudoku Puzzler With Book

These are the voyages of the ‘weekend passions’ project etc. Captain’s log stardate 100118:

No, I’m not a Trekkie but it seemed kind of appropriate for this first blog entry to start with those words (with apologies to all actual Star Trek fans and the TV series producers…
Being part of a generation which grew up with Captain James T Kirk’s famous prologue as a backdrop to their childhood, it occurs to me that cyberspace was an unknown for most people of my age until only a few years ago. Blogging and social media has changed all that of course. So anyway, the ‘mission’, in this case, is of course somewhat closer to home but still challenging none the less. In Star Trek folklore the starship Enterprise wouldn’t be capable of even getting off the ground, let alone exploring new worlds, without it’s trusty chief engineer ‘Scotty’. In my case the heart of the good ship ‘Steve Hughes Photography’ has my lovely wife to thank for it’s driving force. Without her quiet encouragement, steadfast optimism and down to earth humour, this project would not have left the drawing board. Rather appropriately she’s Scottish by birth as well – honestly.

Now Mrs ‘H’ is not one for the limelight. In fact, despite my many years as a photographer she is still uncomfortable in front of the lens, even with me. Her one passion though is numbers. We are the yin and yang of each other in that respect. I’m a numerical Luddite, hence a career in the visual arts well away from the nasty real world of hard facts, and she balances the books and keeps control of the finances, mine and other peoples. This quiet obsession with numbers has an outlet in the form of number puzzles – specifically Sudoku and other derivations, which, if I’m honest, leaves me completely cold. This gave rise to the first entry for this blog to kick things off. That and the fact that having been snowed in for nearly two weeks has limited the chance to get the planned shoots underway! So without anymore rambling I give you “Mrs H”.

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