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Young Male Fencer Holding Foil With Arms Crossed On Black Background

Not for the feint hearted

Fencing from seven to seventy For most five year olds, being shown a history book with some fencers in it, would very quickly move into the realms of 'what's on the telly,' or 'can I go outside to play now?'…

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Actress Putting On Eye Make Up

Oh, an actor’s life for me

Spotlight on Louise The first tentative steps under the glare of the footlights for Louise were in ballet productions during her childhood. As she stretched her wings, and explored other modes of self expression, the call of the local youth…

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Close Up Of Male Guitarist With Fingers On Fretboard

Left hand, right brain.

So what's a young boy to do? Eight years old and a well meaning relative hands you a beaten up second hand guitar.  Little did they know what effect this simple act would have on the young and impressionable Kevin…

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