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Close Up Of Male Guitarist With Fingers On Fretboard

Left hand, right brain.

So what's a young boy to do? Eight years old and a well meaning relative hands you a beaten up second hand guitar.  Little did they know what effect this simple act would have on the young and impressionable Kevin…

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Guitarist Reclining On Sofa Surrounded With Guitar Collection

Born To Be Wild

Guitar man The Beatles and the Rolling Stones have got a lot to answer for. Not least turning nine year old Mark into a rock and roll wannabe ... It was 1962, a time when every young lad wanted to…

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Portrait Of Male Bagpiper Standing Against Green Foliage Holding Bagpipes

Bagpipes on parade

Playing the bagpipes is not an exclusively Scottish preoccupation. Daniel, AKA The Southcoast Piper, was introduced to playing the bagpipes whilst at school in South Africa. Based in Portsmouth, he plays with The Rose and Thistle Pipe Band and is…

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Female Tuba Player In Bed With E Flat Bass Tuba

Tuba la belle

Kim plays tuba in the Portsmouth RBL Victory Brass Band. Although her primary instrument is the E flat bass tuba, she also has a passion for playing the trombone and the ukulele. Kim, you’re from Gosport originally, is that where the…

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