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‘Informal is the new formal’.

Sometimes you just don’t need that ‘I’m a serious businessperson look’. Honestly, you can let the fun side leak out on occasion without it breaking the image of being professional at what you do as well.  If you set aside some time, we can combine the slightly more serious and the informal look into the same session.

The informal portrait ‘look’ doesn’t have to be created in a photography studio. More often than not, especially if you want to add context, the photographs are taken in a place that has some meaning to either you or the viewer. This can be in your home, your place of work, or just somewhere that you enjoy visiting. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to let out the inner you.

Whether you’re an actor, need a portrait for a dating site, or would just like a great shot for that special someone in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s have some fun.

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Informal portrait of a female quilting artist
informal group portrait ofacapella female choir winners
informal portrait of a male member of the Portsmouth RNLI
informal studio portrait of female against a coloured background
Advertising executive sat in classic car for informal portrait
Informal portrait of a head astrologer sat a desk with a globe and books
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