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‘Close-up and personal’.

Sometimes the bigger view is not enough to sell your product. To help influence the buying decision, a few more details are required. A close-up, or focusing in on a feature can be useful, and not just for customers. Copywriters and websites like Amazon often need these shots to round out the ‘story’ of the product. So, along with the specifications and technical details, consider adding some close-up photography into the mix.

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felt chocolate selection product close-up
water softener pump product close-up
spire healthcare teddy bear product close-up
Wireless controller circuit board close-up
quilt design product close-up
spire healthcare teddy bear product close-up
oska mattress features revealed product close-up
oska mattress foam features product close-up
amazon swaddle blanket design product close-up
kitchen timer product close-up
oxya merchandise product close-up
plumbing valve showing connections product close-up
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